About Us

We are Pat and Morley Sniderman. Morley is a retired Xerox Account Executive and Pat is a prof at Ryerson University. We have been building and renting out log homes for the past ten years. It’s a labour of love and we get to stay in our magnificent log homes when they are not rented. Lucky us!!
Our Lake Joe Log Home is the fourth log home we have built.   This property is magnificent – two acres of pristine forest on a year round road, beautiful south facing waterfront on the best part of Lake Joseph where the water is crystal clear and the swimming is exceptional. As we were building this new cottage we received a call from one of our past renters who wanted to book our Log Escape Cottage in May.  We told them that we were building a new cottage on Lake Joe and they were very excited and said that they would like to come up and see the new build.  As we explained, the cottage had just been framed and we were really not ready to show anyone.  In addition, I explained that we already had 5 weeks of rental from previous renters who wanted to try another “Sniderman” cottage.  They were persistent and said they would like to come up and see the cottage anyway and asked if we could send them the plans for the new build.  When they arrived at the new cottage they loved the layout and property and said they would like to put in an offer to purchase.  They said that they had been looking for 3 years for a cottage and nothing compares to the cottages we build and rent.  They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse so the cottage sold before it was even built.  This is the second time this has happened to us as another one of our long-term renters wanted to purchase our Log Haven cottage and told us the exact same thing, “we love your cottages and we have been looking for a few years and nothing compares to the thought and detail you put into your cottages.”. Again we received an offer we could not refuse.  Morley continues to look for beautiful pieces of land with great views to continue developing his dream….to create beautiful spaces for people to enjoy.

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Lake Joe Log Home